Alton Ray Company was registered in 1995, with the aim of creating sustainable employment and meeting the technical needs of engineering in the regional and extra-regional field, with the number 4258, and officially started its work in the field of electronics by creating various departments, including research and development units. Appeared.
In 1998, by launching and equipping the assembly line of electronic components in order to mass produce various types of electronic boards, it succeeded in obtaining a production license from the Ministry of Industries and Mines. Lighting and traffic industries have continued their activities.
 In 2000, the company started its activity in the field of traffic equipment by producing prototype counters and then with the aim of national self-sufficiency in the field of traffic equipment and also to complete its product portfolio, the process of technology transfer and localization of this industry. Achieved from Taiwan.
In 2003, with the need to use clean energy and the movement of the international community to increase the share of solar energy (solar) in public consumption, Alton Ray Company also decided to add solar energy technology to the capabilities of its products. Alton Ray Company has been able to become one of the leading industrial units in the field of using solar equipment in its products by using the existing techniques and technologies in this field.
 The growing need of the global industry to optimize energy consumption led the company to take steps to reduce energy costs by producing lighting equipment and using LED technology. Design and production of lighting equipment in 2005, using high-efficiency LEDs in accordance with European standards, the company was able to successfully produce lighting equipment in the fields of home, office, industrial and urban.
In the path of growth and excellence, the set policies have always been the beacon of this company. Presence in global markets and export of products is one of the most important goals of this group, so the first overseas branch of Alton Ray Company was opened in 2006 in Istanbul, Turkey to pursue the company's international relations.
  The company is currently operating in its manufacturing plant on a land area of ​​5,000 square meters and 4800 square meters of infrastructure, located in Safadasht industrial town (Mallard-Tehran) and with the cooperation of 140 trained employees. Altonurai Company has now been able to significantly increase the production capacity of its products by utilizing fully automatic SMD assembly lines and to increase its presence in the lighting, traffic equipment and electronic boards industries.
 Receiving the national standard certification for lighting products can be considered as another success of Alton Ray. With this development, Alton Ray Company is proud to announce that it produces all its lighting products in accordance with quality standards and delivers them to esteemed customers.
Alton Ray also received the EU CE standard certification for its products, succeeded in becoming the first manufacturer of traffic equipment in Iran, according to EN12368 standard.
Altonurai company has always paid special attention to the quality level of products, so by obtaining the ISO9001: 2008 quality standard certification in 2007 and moving towards the standardization of production processes, it succeeded in obtaining the ISO9001: 2008 and ISO14001: 2004 and 2004 certification standards. OHSAS18001. Therefore, in a short time, Alton Ray's name became famous in the domestic market and the level of customer satisfaction grew significantly.

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